Dragon Force Wednesday

Wednesday 5 October

Watch out.  Here comes Maurice!
The October Dragon Force Day saw us with a stiff easterly breeze, cold-ish, but gorgeous sunshine.


I had hoped that we might encourage a few more DFs out, but after mechanical failures, we did have seven ’65s’ on the water, including two RG65s from Wayne Stobb’s stable, four DFs, and  Chris had his home built RG65 on the water for some of the races.  My DF65 had servo failure, so I just took the photos.

In addition, we had two One Metres and two Marbleheads racing a slightly longer course.

Chris Forman and our guest, Wayne Stobbs, were preparing for the last of the Travellers Series at Bourneville, next weekend.  So good luck you two, and don’t forget to bring us back some chocolate.  Jenna also came down to enjoy the sunshine, which gave us a chance to talk about ‘life’.  The impossible, the feasible and the doable!

After the racing, I went to Highbridge with Peter Martin, where we dropped off the dinghy that he has generously given to us.  We can’t use it at Lakeside at the moment, but it will be of real benefit to the Scalers, for the foreseeable future.  Thank you again, Peter.  As thanks, Peter has been offered membership of the Club for next year.

Peter, Terry and Ray with the new dinghy