Wednesday 23 November

One Metres start on glassy water

Mixed Racing

The ‘weatherman’ had predicted a dry crisp morning, with 8 knots or so of wind, but that didn’t quite happen until after 12.

 Control Area. Derek tries my 844
Len and flashy 97

we had some good racing, all the same, with Chris W and John B setting long courses for the 4 One Metres and 7 Dragon Force and RG65s.  We did have the score sheet out for the ’65s’, which gave us a measure of how we were doing.  I say that because I was doing quite well for a change!

It was really good to see Eileen with her own boat on the water.  She was really getting the hang of Boat-handling with the DF, which isn’t easy.  We also welcomed Paul Davis from Lymington, with his Dragon Force, Sail Number 77.

Paul Davis from Lymington

While we were racing, Jenna and her team were struggling with setting up the new garage/storage units.  There is a lot of ‘clobber’ in there, a bit like my loft!

Alan(976) and Jim(730) chase Paul(77) to windward
Seven DF65s at the start

Anyway, it was a fun morning.  I took quite a few photos, which I will add to this posting in the next 36 hours or so.  Also, over the next week, I will be adding more photos to the Flickr Gallery, so if you feel you are being ignored, have a look there too.  And tell me!


See you Friday.