Sundays One Metre – 27 November

Bob Philpott Competition – Nov to Feb

Alan & Derek putting World to rights

We had a very mild morning with a light variable N to NE breeze, and we also had the luxury of the whole Lake.  This allowed John Tufnall to set a twin triangle course, with a long run from 2 to 7 buoys, and a long beat back to 1 buoy, which filtered out those who risked beating over to the far side of the course.  There was a lot of fine bending of the wind at the north end, which we know to expect.

Kantun SMX

I don’t know who won today, but John T was doing well with his ‘new’ Britpop, and Alan N was well to the fore.  I think Maurice won one race, when I was struggling with a retirement.  Ihad my new Kantun SMX, having repaired the broken headsail sheeting tube.  I think that I am also suffering the ‘string’ twisting inside the boat, a known problem with the Class, that I will have to address.  Anyway, I did manage to blind others in two races, to achieve a second and fourth.