Sunday 11 December One Metres

Watching paint dry, though JB is getting excited about something.

We had expected a bright morning with an E 4 knot breeze (I was sure  it was going to be westerly, but …….got that wrong) but that didn’t materialise.

An exciting start

We struggled to move for much of the morning, so much so that the whole morning became a sailing cum tea break. With only 8 of us, there was no need for race officers, trusting to gentlemens’ rules.

For me it was really good to see Peter Luk back with Wotsit 27 from his extended ‘holiday’, although I know he was there on Friday when I was hors de combat.

I had Sid Leonard’s old One Metre on the water for the first time proper, after some modifications to the rigs. It’s a Red Wine, which I think won the Worlds in 1994. I am sure the hull is perfect, but the bulb is the old fashioned thick tear-drop, which will never be as fast as the modern thin long design.  There, that’s my rubbish excuse.