Mixed Racing

Wednesday 4 January 2016

Colin Salter pressing Jim Cheek hard

Having missed our Marblehead session on New Year’s Day, today was our opening meet for 2017. A 10 knot NW breeze was predicted, and we got that, but what we hadn’t quite anticipated was finding a third of the Lake iced up, with seagulls sauntering around as if walking on water. I put my RC Rescue Boat on the water to gain a feel for the extent and thickness, and as a result, we decided to risk putting the yachts on the water.

Chris Wto windward of John T (844)

Chris set up the best possible courses for large and small, keeping us clear of the ice. It was only later that the sun started to do its job, and the whole “ice flow” began blowing on to us. We made the best of it and for the 5 One Metres and 7 DF65s, we had a very reasonable morning of relaxed racing, with the Dragons benefitting from racing close inshore.
We welcomed Colin Salter, a new member, with his newly registered Dragon, and Paul Davis from Lymington. John Tufnall, not normally a ‘Wednesday Man’, gave us a visit, having been iced off at Setley, and he had a go with my Dragon, giving me the chance to take a few photos  and talk to John Cook (not Johnny Cook!), who is thinking of taking up radio yacht racing.