Mixed Racing

IOMs get there first, and take the wind!

Wednesday 11 January

With a stiff SW breeze turbulently finding its way over the trees, we were going to have an ‘interesting’ morning of racing.  we had 7 Dragon Force and 3 One Metres on the water, and because of the turbulence and dead patches, found ourselves forced up in

Maurice(138) and Keith(66) battling it out


to the top third or even quarter of the Lake.  Chris managed to design somecourses that worked, with the One Metres  sing able to use a little more of the Lake.

Chris(161), Robin(43) & Alan(976) out front.

We had a good time, but reflecting on the conditions, it reinforced in my mind, our correct decision not to host a Marblehead event in 2017.  We have felt a little guilty about it, but it was absolutely the right decision.

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Back to the day, it would be nice to see a few more Dragons on the water, but we had enough for worthwhile racing, and the course was good practice for the IOMs too.  Len had a problem
with his rigging to begin with, but he worked valiantly to get it fixed, and was there for most of the races.