Dragon Force 65 Racing – 14 June

I had forecast the weather conditions to be glorious for our mixed class racing on Wednesday 14 June. Winds were to be north to north east at around 8-10 knots, with clear blue skies and air temperatures to match.
This was just as we found it, and the 12 sailors who decided to brave such demanding conditions, all brought their Dragon Force 65s. This meant that we had 12 DF65s on the water, unhindered by larger yachts.

Then to the west

So what followed was probably the best Dragon Force racing that we have had, since we started racing this class. Unfortunately Alf Flitney had problems with his boat, having just brought it out of semi-retirement, and there were one or two minor technical problems elsewhere, but otherwise it was good to see the massed sails of Dragons competing together. With 11 or 12 on the water at any one time. I kept feeling sorry for the other 8 DF65 skippers in he Club, who were missing such a fun opportunity.

Chris Wilson in his Sail Captain’s hat, set up a couple of excellent courses, which wasn’t easy in the varying wind directions, and as a change we also agreed to score our results. Chris probably dominated overall, but Peter Luk, Alan Nash, Chris Foreman and others were also well up as front runners.

I can’t give a blow by blow account of the racing, first because it would be boring, and also because I was trying , myself, to be there with the front runners, and take photos at the same time. That’s even less easy with Dragons because they they require such concentration.

A good start
Windward mark – sometimes!

I usually like to have my converted RC motor boat ( ‘Rescue’ ) at Lakeside, and this proved worthwhile on Wednesday, when Chris Forman lost control of his yacht. ‘Rescue’ was able to grab the yacht with its soft rubber hooks, and bring it back to the pier. For my own vanity, I got Chris to take this photo!


It was specially nice to welcome a potential new member, Mike Carreras, who competed using Len’s spare boat. Bob Davis, a new member, was also there, in amongst it with his new boat. This was Mike’s first experience with RC yachting, and being an experienced yachtsman, he was getting the knack very quickly.

I hope you like the photos:

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  1. Thanks for some great photos John, This was my first real day of getting in amongst it with the DF65 and must say i enjoyed it.


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