Photos from Yestayear!

I thought that a selection of photos from the dim and distant past might be of interest.  I took these photos in the summer of 2004, I think, though it could have been 2003, when I had Sail Number ’55’ on a Cumulus Marblehead, now owned my Brian, and a Single Malt One Metre; regrettably I sold that on.

At this time, the trees to the north were very young,  the housing estate had not been built, and the trees on the south side were a lot lower.   The yacht classes seem quite elderly now, looking at the photos, though one or two, like the Paradox RM, are still going strong as a class.  Sail number 77 was owned by Jack Prince at this time, but was passed on to Peter Tilzey, eventually being completely refurbished to its current immaculate self.  Very fast too!

Most members have moved on, but Derek and Chris look rather fresh faced, as would I, but I am the wrong side of the camera.  Sadly, a few of our number have also passed on.

When I arrived on the scene at this time, I remember the Sail Section as being very welcoming, and it was a fun club to be a part of.  We had some good racing, though it has to be said that we do try to follow the racing rules a little better now.  That’s my memory anyway.