Low Key Racing

Wednesday 5 July

Expecting a very warm listless morning, we were a bit thin on the ground this morning, with 3 One Metres, and 2 Dragon Force 65s.  Despite the BBC forecast, the JA forecast was a little more accurate, and we had some very reasonable racing breeze as the morning progressed.

One of the One Metres was John Barrett’s newly built ALTERNATIVE in its bright dayglo livery.  Although it wasnt in its final set of Catsails rigs, it was sailing very well indeed, and seems ready for testing in proper racing conditions.  I had brought along my newly assemble Dragon Flite 95 to test at ‘stand easy’, but since we were so few I decided to race it through the morning.  This left poor Alan Nash to race against hmself, but since he usually leaves me well behind, I didnt feel it made much difference!

This Wednesday’s team – Alan had left
We also had a visit by Dave Willis, who has been pondering taking up radio sailing, so he had a play with my DF95 for a couple of races, and was picking things up very quickly.  He has been following our Sail Blog for a few months now, and seems very keen to come down again on a future Wednesday and hopefully join the Club.  You will be very welcome, Dave.