Radio Marbleheads

Sunday 2 July

I had hope we might see a few more RM skippers at Lakeside this weekend, specially given the predicted ‘balmy’ weather.  Perhaps it was a bit too balmy for some, and a few had asked permission for absence so they  go on holiday again!

We had a good morning, including Brian’s Cumulus sailing very well, after Phil had given it a going over.  This Cumulus belonged to Colin Dowse, many moons ago, passed to John Arrow, then to Brian Wade, so it has stayed ‘in house’.  Phil kept up his unenviable record, this time ‘forgetting’ to screw his fin in properly. The error was detected on launch, whilst I was out in my waders, but I would have much rather had my camera to catch the look on his face, and the whole picture of the Crazy Tube lying flat in the water, and the fin just breaking surface.

Fortunately nothing was lost, so it WAS a laugh.

Here are a few photos from Sunday.

Doesn’t this encourage you to get an RM?

A neat start except for Brian and Maurice having a tussle

Phil helps with Brian’s Cumulus