One Metre Racing-Friday 26 Jan 2018

The prediction was for a light northerly breeze, increasing during the morning, with some thin sunshine.  And so it was, with temperatures just low enough to draw out the woolly hats.

Sad then that there were only 8 of us, but it enabled us to race without umpires.

Five minute call

We had 8 races, I think, in fun conditions, with some long beats, where the favoured side of the Lake changed frequently, and there were many instances where the a backing and veering wind changed the sail order within seconds.

Beating to windward on the west side of the Lake
Then a long run, with boats spread, searching for best wind

Although we were a relatively small number, the racing was very competitive and in good humour, in delightful conditions, as you can see.


See you Sunday.  One Metres again.