Radio Marblehead Racing – Sunday 3 June 2018

Our company for the morning

With a prediction of sunshine, but little likelihood of a gale, 4 of us turned up at Lakeside, this morning, more in hope han anything else.



As it turned out, we had a very pleasant morning of racing, though with such a small number, we didn’t score for the seasonal points.

Mark with ‘Snapdragon’

This was Mark Robinson’s first time on the water with his partially refurbished STARK.


The other courageous sailors were Brian Quinn (11), John Bennett(14) and John Arrow(44), and we had a number of family spectators and two prospective new members, (RM sailors), who left with Club joining forms in their pockets.  My printer will be in action this evening.


So this morning was a good reminder, that Lakeside’s odd wind conditions can make racing interesting, as well as, occasionally, frustrating, and that even when winds are predicted as very light airs or less, good racing is sometimes possible.  We had a good time this morning, anyway.  And the geese enjoyed our company!