One Metre Racing – Friday 15 June


There were only 6 of us on the water, for One Metre racing this morning.  A little more wind would have been nice, but the weather was gorgeous, and we had 7 or 8 races, I think, and the usual silly banter, as well as some competitive racing.  John Bennett will give the details – I wasn’t counting!  Maurice had a small problem with his steering, which the ‘Waterside Committee’ diagnosed over tea break, and I had a hang up with my jib topping-lift caught around the shrouds, but that was easily fixed.  Otherwise all was rather smooth, and almost no weed.

AA35E716-E470-43F5-9817-531A8AAE67ECI did’t take any photos of the racing, as Iwas busy, but here are some photos of the tea break and the happy chaps.