One Metre Racing – Sunday 8 July

First leg to Number 1 Mark
There were only 6 One Metres on the water, for racing this Sunday, in the very hot dry conditions that we are becoming increasingly used to.  The breeze was fairly light, right up until we started packing up, when a mini hurricane (well not quite!) blew across the water for about 30 seconds, cocking a snook at us, to send us on our way.  All the same it was a good morning of racing.
However, it is still leaving us puzzled at the low attendance level for One Metres, for this time of year.  We can’t even blame the difficult Lakeside breezes, really, as we have had good conditions of late.  Any suggestions, other than blaming trees, gratefully received!
John Tufnall scaring the wildlife

One thought on “One Metre Racing – Sunday 8 July

  1. Sailed the DF65 at Gosport Salt lake on Sunday, and tho patchy in places, four good races.
    I need to up my game!
    Would have sailed at Lakeside if racing on … but understand the big boats need plenty space.


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