EDMBC Activity Sunday 9 September


Hello All Members

Last Sunday, I took advantage of my slight ‘hors de combat’ – I couldn’t sail – to just take a few photos of the racing.  Actually, I also tried some videos for the first time, which were OK, but then I defeated them by mistake!

I then went up to Highbridge, to catch myself another cup of tea.  We put the World to rights and a took a couple of photos.  Here is Jonathan Blake’s lovely steam launch.  He had just replaced the engine on the back end of the boiler, but was struggling to clear a blockage in the tiny pipes.


Here are a few more racing photos, and one of a very nice destroyer and MTB.

So I had a very nice morning – thanks for the tea – though I would have liked to be racing too.  Here is John Bennet’s report of the sailing that morning, where John Tufnall took first place.

The morning looked hopeful with a nice little breeze from the south, although chilly and needing a fleece for a while we soon got on the water whilst chief photographer John Arrow snapped away. Racing discipline was pretty good across the nine races with two laps of a triangular course and a tricky beat to the finish line. John Tufnall won 4 of the 9, John Bennett 3 and Chris Wilson 2.

After two discards the results are: 1st John Tufnall 12, 2nd Chris Wilson 15, 3rd John Bennett 17, 4th Julyan Richardson24, 5th Maurice Clayton 27, 6th Peter Luk 33, 7thBrian Quin 47.

Well done John Tufnall !!

Regards to all Club members