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Changes for 2019 –

DF95 and DF65 A+ Rig

I am very pleased to announce that Radio Sailing Eastleigh, the Sail Division of Eastleigh and District Model Boat Club, will be adopting the Dragon Flite 95 (DF95) as one of its racing classes, from March 2019.  We will continue to race One Metres, Marbleheads and Dragon Force 65s.

DragonFlite 95 – First outing at Lakeside

The DF95 is a relatively inexpensive, yet high performance radio controlled racing yacht, that is gaining popularity around the UK and abroad.  We believe that it will be specially suited to racing at Eastleigh Lakeside, which is our home water.

We will also be permitting the use of the A+ rig for Dragon Force 65 racing, as of March 2019.  This will give these popular yachts better performance, which should make for much more exciting racing in the light breezes that we usually experience at Eastleigh.

Dragon Force 65s bundle together at the starting line.

These yachts are an inexpensive way of getting started in radio yacht racing.  However, they are not toys.  Many of our top radio sailors in the Country are racing these yachts, and there are national and international events of the highest standard.

Anyone interested in trying either of these fun yachts, at Eastleigh Lakeside, or trying radio yacht racing for the first time, please contact me by email – radiosaileastleigh@gmail.com.

2 thoughts on “EDMBC – Radio Sailing Eastleigh

  1. Hi John1st paragraph should t be ‘Force’ rather than ‘Flight’ ?Nice article. Should we send it to the local press perhaps


    1. Hi No, ‘Dragon Flite 95’. Honest!

      I will try to get something in the Echo, in the late spring. We will inform other local MYA affiliated clubs – too late for the Handbook, but it will go on the MYA website. It may also be a focus for some of the local freebie papers, again in the spring. Too early at the moment, because we need sunshine and boats on the water! I think the Eastleigh freebies might be broadened to the whole Club, but the Echo will need to be purely ‘Sail’. We may also be able to access the University, because being Sunday racing, students may be interested. Also, we may be able to get another video on the University news, v. our last year’s effort.

      Yes, there is plenty of potential here.

      Cheers J ps. I like the nom de plume.

      John Arrow Sail Commodore Eastleigh & District MBC, Radio Sailing Eastleigh Website: https://radiosaileastleigh.com Twitter: @radioyachting Mobile: 07802 602139



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