Marblehead Racing – Sunday 17 March

Just after the start


What a great morning, with 9 boats on the water, the most Marbleheads that we have had on the water for some time.  With the strong, teasing breeze, getting stronger through the morning, it was a sound reminder of how wonderful these yachts are.  Such exciting racing.

Windward mark – sort of


Although there were 9 of us, Chris Averis’s Paradox (107) had winch problems, which turned him in to a spectator, and I (44) always knew that I had to pace myself with ‘good old’ sciatica, so I took several breaks to take a few photos, hence the blog.  Sometimes I can take the odd photo when racing, but not today!

Barry close behind Chris W at the mark


John Bennett(14) took the prize, with Chris Wilson(6) second, and Barry White(57) third.  However, this top three hides some good performances, and a lot of  good tactics on the downwind legs as well as the beats.  There is one photo here that illustrates the wide upwind options, and the speed of everything.  But there wasn’t one boat on boat penalty, I don’t think.  These photos were all taken from one heat.

So many ways to go!