Marblehead Racing – Easter Sunday 21 April

Hi Everyone

I wasn’t there, I am very very sad to say, but by all accounts it was a great morning of RM racing. During the morning, there was one race, arranged seemingly impromptu, where every single yacht was an RM built by Chris Wilson, our Sail Captain and routinely our Race Officer. That is quite an achievement, and as we know, they are all very competitive boats.

Here are some photos taken by Mark Robinson, who was otherwise competing with his RM STARK. From left to right Julyan Richardson, Maurice Clayton,Peter Luk,Chris Wilson,Brian Quinn,Brian Wade,John Bennet. Mark Robinson took the picture. Thank you Mark.

Seeing all these Marbleheads together in this way is a strong reminder of how much we owe Chris Wilson, for the work that he has done in the past, and continues to do. We would probably not have a Sail Division if it was not for Chris. Sorry for any embarrassment Chris – it needs to be said!

to R, Julyan Richardson, Maurice Clayton,Peter Luk, Chris Wilson, Mark Robinson, Brian Quinn,Brian Wade, John Bennet