Status of Radio Yacht Racing, post COVID19, at Lakeside Eastleigh

It will not have escaped many that the Sail Division of Eastleigh and District Model Boat Club has been actively racing with all four classes, for several weeks now. Having agreed COVID19 safe space arrangements with the Borough Council, the racing restarted with relatively minor restrictions, and we have had some wonderful racing with RMs, IOMs, DF95s and DF65s during this period.

Marbleheads in gentle conditions

Regrettably we have had to confine our racing to members only, particularly at first when we were the only club operating, but it is brilliant to see adjacent clubs beginning to race again as well.

DF65 racing with A+ Rigs

We have been able to race almost as normal whilst maintaining the rules around COVID19. Our biggest challenge has been the large number of casual visitors in the Park, who as usual, take a close interest in the sailing. Although we put up a small sign about social distancing, it is not wholly effective with the general public, but this is the situation everywhere. On the other hand it is wonderful to have some level of normality in the park.

So, racing is happening on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday mornings, as in the Club calendar on the website. New members are very welcome, to either the Sail Division at Lakeside or the Scale Division at Highbridge Pond. Just come along and say hello, or send an email.