Preparations for “Back to Racing”

Hello Everyone

The 31 March is coming ever closer, so I hope we are all getting our yachts and personal gear fettled up ready for sailing. That first week will involve DF65, One Metre and DF95 racing, on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday respectively.

Chris Wilson had checked the Lake and found several of the race marks out of position, and looking very sad, covered in seagull s..t, so on Tuesday he led a small group in refurbishing all the marks.

Five of us arrived at the gate, a little before 10:00, in beautiful uncharacteristic sunshine and a very pleasant light breeze. This had attracted the usual walkers and even a few picnickers, who were quite puzzled at what we were doing at first. We were armed with buckets, and all the gizmos needed to clean the buoys, and of course, Chris had the boat and trailer. With good coordination, we had all the marks brought ashore, cleaned and put back in place within the hour, so it seemed foolish not to use such pleasant weather to check out the DF65s, that just happened, accidentally, to be sitting in the car boots.

So while John Bennett, Maurice Clayton, Julyan Richardson and Chris Wilson, did a little racing, purely to check the correct positioning of the marks, John Arrow did his usual thing of sitting in the arm chair sipping tea. In fact the racing did lead to the suggestion of moving one of the marks, so whilst Chris did some adjustments, I had a couple of races with his boat.

It was good to see everyone, and a great deal of fun to be doing something purposeful to get ready for a fortnight’s time. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, including having a short sail.

Most important of all, we were able to look out on the Lake at 8 shining marks, sparkling (well almost) bright white in the sunshine.

Thank you everyone, and let’s look forward to the 31 March, which is the day when my second vaccination is supposedly fully effective!

Take care