Dragon Force 65 Racing – Wednesday 18 April 2018

Gathering in for the start. Chris F and John A outside the frame

On a gorgeous sunny spring morning, today, we had 10 Dragon Force 65s on the water, for 2 full hours of good tight racing.   We had one new skipper in Jonathan Blake, racing Mark Jenkins’ DF65, and though he didn’t feel he was doing so well, he completed the course each time,  not far behind the pack, which is quite an achievement.  Anyway, Jonathan, welcome to the radio yacht racing ‘fold’.

We didn’t keep any records,  but it was good to see that the early finishers seemed to change around quite a bit, and with regular changes it wind direction, there was plenty of room for good tactics.

Here are a fewphotos that I managed to squeeze in between trying to keep myself on course.




Guidance for Setting Up

Help for those new to Radio Yacht Racing, and not so new

We have a number of members and prospective members, who are fairly new to radio sailing, so I thought these three links, below, might be useful reading.  Actually, they are good reading for anyone who hasn’t seen them before.  These sites are about setting up the boat, One Metres primarily, and getting the most from your rig.  One talks about racing too.  They are just three articles that I have found online over the years.  I have several more, but if you find a useful site, would you let me know.  I would like to build up a list of useful links, for the benefit of all. Thanks.

First timer’s guide to setting up a metre boat

Tuning Your Rig Radio Sailing Shop