IOM Racing – Friday 14 December

Run/broad reach down to mark 3

We had 7 boats on the water, at first, with 8 from tea break onwards, in very light wind conditions.  With a long square course, there was plenty of room for tactics, 4E5B2D02-E280-42C3-8AD0-D37F2923DD25specially on the long beats.  One side of the lake was good for one race, and hopeless the next, so getting the right position on the start line was important.  John Bennett’s full report will be on the Race Results page, but here are a few photos from one race, when I took time out – hence no ‘44’.l

Britpo 03 unusually a little behind at the start, but quickly caught up!

Thank you everyone.  As ever, a great morning’s racing, with a great team.

Loitering (purposefully!) for the start

EDMBC – Radio Sailing Eastleigh

Changes for 2019 –

DF95 and DF65 A+ Rig

I am very pleased to announce that Radio Sailing Eastleigh, the Sail Division of Eastleigh and District Model Boat Club, will be adopting the Dragon Flite 95 (DF95) as one of its racing classes, from March 2019.  We will continue to race One Metres, Marbleheads and Dragon Force 65s.

DragonFlite 95 – First outing at Lakeside

The DF95 is a relatively inexpensive, yet high performance radio controlled racing yacht, that is gaining popularity around the UK and abroad.  We believe that it will be specially suited to racing at Eastleigh Lakeside, which is our home water.

We will also be permitting the use of the A+ rig for Dragon Force 65 racing, as of March 2019.  This will give these popular yachts better performance, which should make for much more exciting racing in the light breezes that we usually experience at Eastleigh.

Dragon Force 65s bundle together at the starting line.

These yachts are an inexpensive way of getting started in radio yacht racing.  However, they are not toys.  Many of our top radio sailors in the Country are racing these yachts, and there are national and international events of the highest standard.

Anyone interested in trying either of these fun yachts, at Eastleigh Lakeside, or trying radio yacht racing for the first time, please contact me by email –

Marblehead Racing on Sunday 21 October

Was this the last of our summer weather?  Five Marblehead sailors were at Lakeside, desperately trusting that the weather forecast would come true.  It did.  At 10:00-10:15, what had earlier been absolute stillness, turned in to a very useable NW to SE breeze, with a few directions in between.

276B4299-0FF7-4565-A686-42B004B390ABWith 5 boats and a variety of courses using the whole lake, and matching the backing wind, there was plenty of room for tactics.

EDMBC Activity Sunday 9 September


Hello All Members

Last Sunday, I took advantage of my slight ‘hors de combat’ – I couldn’t sail – to just take a few photos of the racing.  Actually, I also tried some videos for the first time, which were OK, but then I defeated them by mistake!

I then went up to Highbridge, to catch myself another cup of tea.  We put the World to rights and a took a couple of photos.  Here is Jonathan Blake’s lovely steam launch.  He had just replaced the engine on the back end of the boiler, but was struggling to clear a blockage in the tiny pipes.


Here are a few more racing photos, and one of a very nice destroyer and MTB.

So I had a very nice morning – thanks for the tea – though I would have liked to be racing too.  Here is John Bennet’s report of the sailing that morning, where John Tufnall took first place.

The morning looked hopeful with a nice little breeze from the south, although chilly and needing a fleece for a while we soon got on the water whilst chief photographer John Arrow snapped away. Racing discipline was pretty good across the nine races with two laps of a triangular course and a tricky beat to the finish line. John Tufnall won 4 of the 9, John Bennett 3 and Chris Wilson 2.

After two discards the results are: 1st John Tufnall 12, 2nd Chris Wilson 15, 3rd John Bennett 17, 4th Julyan Richardson24, 5th Maurice Clayton 27, 6th Peter Luk 33, 7thBrian Quin 47.

Well done John Tufnall !!

Regards to all Club members

Marblehead Racing – Sunday 15 July

Four of us met up at the Lakeside gate, on a sunny, still Sunday morning, wondering if there would be enough sailing wind, and were we really the only ones who wanted to sail today?  And why?  We did drive down to the Lake in the end, and in fact had a gentle, pleasant morning’s racing.  We had the whole lake to ourselves until midday, so had a long unhindered course.These photos reflect the calm of the morning.

The water level has fallen appreciably, so most of the Marbleheads could not be launched from the pier. It was easy to run aground and waders were essential.

JB was ‘Duty Wader’ in the shallow water
It did fly away eventually

One Metre Racing – Sunday 8 July

First leg to Number 1 Mark
There were only 6 One Metres on the water, for racing this Sunday, in the very hot dry conditions that we are becoming increasingly used to.  The breeze was fairly light, right up until we started packing up, when a mini hurricane (well not quite!) blew across the water for about 30 seconds, cocking a snook at us, to send us on our way.  All the same it was a good morning of racing.
However, it is still leaving us puzzled at the low attendance level for One Metres, for this time of year.  We can’t even blame the difficult Lakeside breezes, really, as we have had good conditions of late.  Any suggestions, other than blaming trees, gratefully received!
John Tufnall scaring the wildlife

One Metre Racing – Friday 15 June


There were only 6 of us on the water, for One Metre racing this morning.  A little more wind would have been nice, but the weather was gorgeous, and we had 7 or 8 races, I think, and the usual silly banter, as well as some competitive racing.  John Bennett will give the details – I wasn’t counting!  Maurice had a small problem with his steering, which the ‘Waterside Committee’ diagnosed over tea break, and I had a hang up with my jib topping-lift caught around the shrouds, but that was easily fixed.  Otherwise all was rather smooth, and almost no weed.

AA35E716-E470-43F5-9817-531A8AAE67ECI did’t take any photos of the racing, as Iwas busy, but here are some photos of the tea break and the happy chaps.