Yachts & Sail Numbers

img_7918 At Radio Sailing Eastleigh, we race three classes of radio control Model yachts, Radio Marblehead (RM), International One Metre (IOM), and Dragon Force 65 (DF65).  Some members have other classes of yacht, which can be seen occasionally on Wednesdays, when all classes of yacht are welcome on the water for informal racing.

Sail Numbers

Most sailors have the last two digits of their boat’s registration number displayed on their sails.  If you wish, it is possible to purchase a specific number, a Personal Sail Number, from the MYA, so that the same number can be displayed on all your boats.  However, if you only intend to race at Lakeside, it is possible to informally choose your own number, taking care not to clash with any number already in use in the Club.  You can do this by checking the ‘Members’ Yachts and Sail Numbers’ spreadsheet, which is kept up to date on this Blog.

Members Yachts and Sail Numbers – CLICK HERE

Dragon-force 65 Registration

img_0441Registration of DF65s is done through the National Class Association website.  The sail number may be the last two or three digits of the registration number, or if the member has a MYA personal Sail Number, this may be used, to align with other classes of yacht being sailed.  The fact that it is the boat that is registered and not the skipper, is a recent change, which doesn’t seem to have been fully advertised yet ( Dec 2016).  Therefore, when a boat is sold, the number should go with it, as with other classes of model yacht.
img_0803There is just room for three legal digits on the permissible rigs, though some owners choose to use three digits on the mainsail and two on the jib.

Our Boats – Radio Marbleheads

Alan Nash with StarkersCubed 57
John Bennett’s StarkersCubed
Maurice Clayton’s RM
Mark Jenkins and his RM
John Tufnall with Constellation 76
Chris Wilson and his own build/design RM
John Arrow with Crayon RM
Dick Jobbins with Constellation RM
John Bennett and Starkers Cubed

Our International One Metres

Brian and Toscar 41
Chris Wilson’s self design One Metre 6
rcsail 22 jun2016-6276
Martin Airey and Emo 198
Ray’s beautifully restored Metric Magic 77
IMG_6475 (1)
Mike Croxson and Triple Crown 19



Martin Raishbrook and own build Alternative IOM
Maurice Clayton and Cockatoo IOM
Peter Luk and Wotsit IOM

 Our Dragon Force 65s

Chris FOreman and Dragon Force 161


Roy David and his Dragonforce 65



Alan Nash and Dragonforce 976
Robin Antcliffe and Dragonforce 243
John Arrow with DF65, (005)


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Len Buurman and his distinctive Dragon Force (97)

rcsail 22 jun2016-6275

Rob Corfield and his Dragon Force (627)

John Arrow’s DF65, “Charlotte 844”