Racing Rules of Sailing

2017 – 2020 Rules

The updated racing rules come in to force from 2017 onwards.  I have seen that the two best books ( IMHO) on the subject, are being published in March 2017,  but the rules have actually been published online already.  I haven’t been able to detect any important changes that affect us in Part 2 of the Rules, but there are minor changes that deal with sail numbering.  If you are planning to mark up new sails or change your numbers, these new rules will be worthy of examination.
Free of charge, here are three documents on the rules, copied from the ISAF site, which provide all the information that you really need.  There is a lot of ‘stuff’ here, so the most important, most relevant part, is Part 2, Rules 10 to 20, and Annex E which deals specifically with radio yacht racing.

Racing Rules – 2017-2020 – Click Here

Racing Rules 2017-2020 – Study Version – Click Here

Racing Rules – Changes for 2017-2020 – Click Here