Racing Results

The Club has three adopted classes, the International One Metre, Radio Marblehead, and the Dragon Force 65.  Some members also have Dragon Flite 95s, which are raced on our ‘Low Key racing’ day, Wednesdays, along with the DF65s, but they are not yet formally adopted.  Wednesdays are used for DF65 racing, Fridays for One Metres, and broadly, alternating Sundays for RM and IOM.  The exact programme is to be found on the Sailing Calendar page.



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Yacht Racing Results for 2018 Season

Sunday – International One Metre

Awarded every four months  

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Fridays – International One metre

Awarded every two months    D6EF5B80-A399-40E8-BC0B-79BEBA386BDE


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Sundays – Marblehead

Awarded every four months.  3413B989-B011-47A7-8223-FA675960C37F


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Dragon Force 65 – Small Boats Cup

Awarded every 4 months

Results to 12 December – CLICK HERE

This current series, the Winter Series, runs from November 2018 to February 2019.  With the existing strong fleet, we hope that these events will be well supported.  For any casual visitors to this Site, why not come along and see what it is all about?  Email me (, and if you don’t have a boat, we may be able to arrange for you to borrow one for the morning, try out a casual sail, or simply just watch and ask questions.




Alan’s Challenge Cup


This cup is awarded every racing year, over four Sundays, when there is a fifth Sunday in the month.  The four events in the 2018 season are being competed with Radio Marbleheads, so an excellent reason for finding yourself one of these lovely “Formula 1” yachts, no matter how old.